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France: more cameras in churches to diminish anti-Christian vandalism in Lyon

In Lyon, churches are regularly subjected to several kinds of incivilities. In order to improve the situation, the diocese has decided to secure them with a monitoring system. Fifteen churches in Lyon will be equipped with a video surveillance system this year, which will bring the number of secured sites to thirty.


“The Ministry of Home Affairs encouraged us to secure our churches in this way because these are buildings that remain open,” explains Véronique Bouscayrol, bishop of the diocese. “It helps us perform an audit of the situation, gives us technical advice, helps us choose the location of the cameras, and should also participate in the financing.”

The cost of the operation for the diocese will be of around 130,000 euros for 2020. 

The local Christians are a little surprised about the installation cameras into their churches.”We have the impression of being watched,” admits Jacques, who attends the Saint-Nizier church, in the center of Lyon, “However, I admit that it is an element that can dissuade people who have bad intentions.”

The security operation which is accelerating this year should continue at the same rate in 2021.


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