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France: two churches graffitied in Loire-Atlantique region in just three days

From the 24th to the 26th of March, two churches have been targeted in the region of Loire-Atlantique. These are the Church of Saint Hermeland in the town of Indre and the Saint Peter's Church of Bouguenais.


Faced with these cowardly acts, both the mayors of the two towns lodged a complaint to the police. In the case of the church of Indre, the author of the graffiti was quickly identified. The culprit was a radical leftist repeat offender, well known for her acts of vandalism performed with the cooperation of several anarchist groups.

“Long live free marriage” could be read on the church door of Indre whereas the inscriptions in the commune of Bouguenais targeted the clergymen and the police.

Nevertheless, it is understandable that French authorities currently have different priorities other than fighting this kind of behaviour. Like its neighbours, France finds itself in an emergency situation as it struggles to control the spread of the coronavirus from which already more than 3,500 French people have died in the country so far.


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