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Islamic graffiti smeared on a church wall in Austria

Near the entrance of St. Anthony of Padua Church, black pen inscriptions have appeared on the wall.


Among them are slogans like “Islam will triumph, with or without you,” and “Deen over Dunya” (“Religion over worldly life”). Despite some words being crossed out or replaced, the graffiti remains untouched.

This isn’t the first instance of criminal activity at St. Anthony’s Church. Four years ago, approximately 50 young individuals stormed the premises shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Investigators suspect the intruders, organized through social media, were a group of Turkish youths.

The reason behind the graffiti’s persistence, despite inquiries, remains unclear as the parish has yet to take a stance. Karl Mahrer, a local politician, stresses the importance of sending clear signals and implementing measures against emerging extremism, particularly in Vienna.





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