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A man disturbed a Holy Mass in Vienna Cathedral

The perpetrator is reportedly a Syrian migrant.

The glass door of a church in Vienna was destroyed with a hammer

The motivation of the perpetrator remains unclear.

Muslim teens confess plan to attack Austrian school and "shoot all the Christian

Austrian authorities detained two Muslim teenagers who admitted they wanted to "shoot all the Christians in the class"

Austrian teenagers were planning a mass shooting of Christians in their school

The police found out through their chats that the plans were far advanced.

Statues of Mary and Jesus were decapitated in a Viennese park

The police have been notified and they are conducting investigations to identify the motives and the perpetrators.

A church in Vienna was vandalised with graffiti

The identity of the perpetrator remains unknown.

Pro-lifers marched through the streets of Vienna

The next March for Life in the Austrian is scheduled for 14 October 2023

A sacristan was violently beaten up while praying in Austria

The attacker later fled the scene. The police were able to arrest him a short time later.

The windows of a church have been smashed in Austria

This year, there has been a significant increase in anti-Christian vandalism in Austria.

Two teenage girls vandalised a church in Austria

The police started an investigation.