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Austrian teenagers were planning mass shooting of Christians in their school

On the 16. July, two youths stood trial in Leoben on charges of terrorist association and criminal organization. A 16-year-old and a 15-year-old planned a terrorist attack on MS Bruck school, since early 2022.

When questioned, the perpetrators confirmed that they “wanted to shoot all the Christians in the class”. The boys have now been convicted by law.

The court asked the two young men what they would have done if the police had intervened in their terror attack, to which they responded: “We would have surrendered”, adding that Allah would forgive them. They added: “Killing Christians will take us to paradise.”

According to the investigations, another fried – who does not yet have a criminal record, offered them a submachine gun from his father’s collection. He later wrote that “unfortunately” he couldn’t get into the safe. The teens then decided to save money for a gun.

Together with other youths, the teens also stabbed a (harmless) Aesculapian snake and decapitated another snake with a knife. They also started a fire in an abandoned school with others that required the intervention of 38 firefighters.

Two youths have been sentenced to final prison terms at the Leoben Regional Court for planning an attack on the Neue Mittelschule in Bruck an der Mur. The court ordered probation, deradicalization training, and anti-violence training.


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