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"Death to Nazis" smeared on the office of a French Catholic organisation

The association has reported the incident to the police.

Church smeared with grafitti in Bordeaux

After right-wing forces won elections by a landslide and snap elections were announced the situation is heated in France

Islamic graffiti smeared on a church wall in Austria

The reason behind the graffiti's persistence, despite inquiries, remains unclear as the parish has yet to take a stance.

A church was smeared with anti-Christian graffiti in Rome

Reports indicate a surge in vandalism across the Italian capital.

Islamic graffiti smeared inside a German chapel

The incident occurred in broad daylight.

Intimidating graffiti smeared on an Evangelical church in the UK

"This is a Muslim area" - reads the short message.

Islamic graffiti smeared on dozens of graves in a French cemetery

The local Mayor expressed his concern following the incident.

Pro-Palestine graffiti smeared on an Italian church

The pro-Palestine vandals probably wanted to draw attention to the ongoing situation in the Gaza strip.

Church smeared with Islamic slogan in Germany

The graffiti has reportedly been removed.

The three most common forms of anti-Christian vandalism in Europe

To combat the rise of anti-Christian vandalism in Europe, concerted efforts are needed at various levels.