Tag: graffitis

Graffiti was smeared on a religious panel during World Youth Day

The panel had recently been restored and blessed.

A wall in Germany spreads hate towards Christianity

Pictures of the wall smeared with insults were published on social media

A church in Vienna was vandalised with graffiti

The identity of the perpetrator remains unknown.

Offensive slogans were smeared on a German cathedral

Other anti-Christian hate crimes were also reported in the last weeks.

Activists vandalised a church hosting a new year’s eve event

A glass window was also found broken spray painted.

A Catholic church was smeared with graffiti in a town in Alaska

This is the second time this year the church has been vandalized in the middle of the night with phallic symbols.

A church has been tagged with vulgar slogans in the UK

The police were notified, and they will run an investigation.

"Burn in hell" slogan sprayed on a Swiss church

The inscription sparked the outrage of local parishioners.

Unidentified women smeared the facade of an Italian church

Thanks to the surveillance system the police were able to identify those responsible for damaging the church.

A van belonging to a Catholic help group has been vandalised with graffiti

It is the 7th time that a vehicule belonging to the Catholic help organisation has been targeted by such vandalism.