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Church smeared with grafitti in Bordeaux

Around 10 p.m. on June 10, the Saint Éloi church in Bordeaux was vandalized during a leftist demonstration. The perpetrators ransacked a room storing plates and cutlery for the church's winter soup kitchen and spray-painted "Death to nationalists" on the walls.


Father Grégory Lutz-Wiest, the parish priest, recounted: “I was called because the demonstrators were trying to force the church door. They managed to access a small room where we keep items for our winter soup kitchen for the needy.”

He explained that the church was targeted due to the perception that Catholics are aligned with the extreme right. “We are targeted because we are Saint Éloi: there’s a tendency to associate Catholics in general and traditionalists in particular with the extreme right.

However, it’s important to remember that the Catholic Church does not issue voting instructions, unlike the rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris. The Church provides moral guidance so everyone can make choices according to their own conscience.”

Father Lutz-Wiest has decided not to file a complaint, believing it often yields no results. He acknowledges the strong support from national and municipal police, who visited the church on Monday evening and are already overburdened. “In a well-functioning society, certain things should be untouchable, including churches, as political disputes should not infringe upon the sacred.”


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