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USA Today names a man among its "Women of the Year"

Rachel Levine claims to be a woman despite biological evidence.

Far left brutality on campus makes conservative student afraid for her life

The aggression of leftist radicals was condemned by the rector of the University of North Texas.

Catholic demonstrators attacked far-left radicals in the French city of Nantes

It is yet another example of French Catholics being physically targeted by leftist vandals.

Ninety per cent of Irish doctors do not want to kill the unborn

According to abortion activists, the time has come for lawmakers to limit the possibility of conscientious objection.

Icons and walls of Romanian church smeared by far-left activists

The radical Left is regularly targeting Christian places of wordship with similar acts of vandalism.

Polish anarchists hung a vulgar banner on a church in Warsaw

"Ordo Iuris f**k off!" was the message written on the banner. Ordo Iuris being a congregation of Catholic Polish advocates.

Church wall smeared with threatning slogans in Western Poland

The perpetrators could face up to five years in jail.

A church in Berlin vandalised with pro-abortion slogans

It is the third time in the last months that the St. Elizabeth church is targeted by far-left activists in this way.

The legalisation of euthanasia represents a threat for sick patients in Spain

Spanish bishops call for "a genuine therapeutic alliance (...) to humanise the death process through material and spiritual help"

"Abortion like deworming": Polish politicians multiply scandalous statements

The Polish Left uses a rather harsh rethoric while talking about moral issues.