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Church in Munich threatened by arson

The case might have happened sometime between the 16th and the 18th May.

Polish anarchists hung a vulgar banner on a church in Warsaw

"Ordo Iuris f**k off!" was the message written on the banner. Ordo Iuris being a congregation of Catholic Polish advocates.

Church wall smeared with threatning slogans in Western Poland

The perpetrators could face up to five years in jail.

Vulgar and anarchist signs smeared on church in Western Poland

It is not the first time that this church is facing acts of vandalism.

Catholic memorial vandalised by far-left extremists in Austria

The plaque at the memorial for the victims and resistance fighters from the rank of the ÖCV was smeared with anarchist symbols.

Italian church smeared with anarchist graffiti

Along with France and Germany, Italy witnesses a rising number of anti-Christian vandalism led by anarchist movements.

Anti-Christian incidents in France rose by 285% since 2008

The situation of Christianity in France has become more and more alarming in the last decade.

France: two churches graffitied in Loire-Atlantique region in just three days

The lockdown imposed on the French population doesn't seem to discourage church vandals in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Map of 286 attacks is proof that Christians and churches are not safe in Europe

In 2019 around 3,000 Christian churches, schools, and cemeteries were vandalised or defaced by criminals in Europe.