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Polish anarchists hung a vulgar banner on a church in Warsaw

Far-left circles in Poland are proud to show themselves profaning the Church of the Holy Saviour in the centre of Warsaw on social media. Local anarchists lit flares in front of the entrance to the temple and hung a banner with vulgar inscription on the scaffolding.


The assault took place on a Tuesday afternoon. The lights from flares and thick smoke next to the church resembled pictures from South American cities. Left-wing militias, not disturbed by the services responsible for public order, repeatedly organise anti-Catholic “festivals” of contempt and aggression.

The far-left in Poland enjoys a similar impunity. This is evidenced by the minimal reaction of the judiciary to the series of provocations, desecration and attacks carried out since the fall against Catholic churches.

According to the TVP Info portal, Tuesday’s attack did not bring any material losses, and no one suffered from the leftist action. It is hard not to notice its symbolic dimension. Faced with the passivity of the services, militant anti-clericals want to bring the anarchist revolution to Polish streets.


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