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A priest was locked out and his church vandalised in a Polish town

In Malnia, near Gogolin (Poland) on May 23rd, unknown perpetrators blocked the door to the rectory to prevent the parish priest from intervening and destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary, a statue of St. Anthony, and devestated the interior of the church.


An incident took place in the parish in Malnia near Gogolin, which moved the local community. Unknown perpetrators blocked the door to the presbytery to prevent the intervention of the parish priest and destroyed the statue of Our Lady, the statue of St. Anthony and the devastation of the interior of the church.

News of the desecration mentioned above spread widely and caused outrage. Publicizing the case also brought good results. According to “Tygodnik Krapkowicki”, financial assistance in removing the effects of the devastation was offered even by a Polish woman living in Australia.

Anti-Christian activities have been on the rise in Poland for the past three years or so. 


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