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A priest was locked out and his church vandalised in a Polish town

The losses made by the perpetrators were estimated at several thousand zlotys.

Two men urinated and defacated inside a German church

They also tried to break the offertory box.

A Spanish church was robbed and desecrated

Fr Antonio Arribas, media delegate of the Diocese, told ACI Prensa that the incident has been reported to the police.

Consecrated hosts and sacred objects have been stolen from an Italian church

Desecration and vandalism are becoming commonplace in Italy as well

French private TV channel got interested in the phenomenon of "Christianophobia"

The wave of anti-Christian attacks has intesified since the beginning of the year across France.

Increase in thefts of consacrated hosts in the days leading up to Halloween

On the 10th of October, a consecrated tabernacle with the hosts was stolen from a convent in Toledo.

Major theft of consecrated vessels in Polish village's church

The suspect is already known to the police and is now facing a sentence of up to ten years in prison.

Statue of the Virgin Mary desecrated in Polish town

An unknown perpetrator is currently being searched for by polish police.

Italian cemetery reconsacrated after "red light meetings"

The sanctity of the place has been violated.

Polish satanist will be brought to trial for profaning a Marian image

The Catholic Youth Association protested strongly against Nergal's provocations.