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Suspected Fulani herdsmen killed seventeen people in Nigeria

The perpetrators are even more ferocious than before causing an ever-increasing number of victims.

House of provincial Christian MEP attacked by armed men

Fortunately, the MEP and his family were not at home when the attack took place.

Attempted attack against Armenian church failed

An individual tried to burn the church but the attempt caused only minor damages.

Fulani herdsmen attack Christian couple in Plateau State, Nigeria

The wife managed to escape with minor injuries and quickly asked for help.

Egyptian Church condemns Islamic State attack on soldiers in North Sinai

The Council of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops expressed “full solidarity" with the government against “such evil terrorism".

Sri Lankan Muslims remember the victims of the Easter Sunday attacks

To remember all of them, even to console wounded hearts, they raised money for those in need.

Murdered pastor's daughter shot in eastern India

The pastor was killed in 2015 after he prayed for a sick boy and helped him to go to the hospital.

Pastor in Central India beaten for reporting previous assault

The pastor's family is living in the open air after tribal animists dragged them from their home.

Christian woman and pregnant convert seriously injured in Uganda

Both women were beaten for sharing their faith.

Easter during pandemic —in the name of forgiveness and in memory of the martyrs

"The confinement is an opportunity to rediscover and strengthen our faith in God."