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Murdered pastor’s daughter shot in eastern India

According to Morning Star News, the daughter of a pastor murdered in 2015 was recently shot by masked gunmen in eastern India.


The woman who is a Christian survived the attack, but sustained serious injuries, International Christian Concern reported. The case is under investigation by the police; however, despite several leads— no one has been arrested. 

On 16th of April, masked shooters knocked on the door of Neelam Purty’s family home in Sandih village, located in India’s Jharkhand state. According to Morning Star News, when Neelam came to the door, the gunmen claimed she was a spy and shot her. 

The gunmen asked Sharon, Neelam’s sister:

“Is this the house of the pastor who was killed? That pastor was killed, but you did not learn a lesson. You have continued assembling in large numbers for Christian prayers. Where is the woman working as a spy?”

According to Morning Star News, the bullet hit Neelam’s right thumb and then penetrated her right thigh. Immediately after the incident, the woman was taken to the hospital where she, fortunately, survived the attack despite her serious injuries.

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