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Persecution of Christians got even worse in China in 2022

The Chinese Communist Party intensified persecution of churches and Christians across mainland China leading up to the 20th Party Congress in 2022, with more house church leaders facing "fraud" charges and stricter censorship of online religious content, a human rights watchdog organization reports.


ChinaAid, which documents religious persecution in China and supports Chinese prisoners of conscience, released its annual persecution report for 2022 last week. The United States-based non-governmental organization warned of an increase in “fraud” charges against house church pastors and leaders in mainland China. These charges alleged that the traditional practice of tithing and offerings in churches was illegal.

The report states authorities used the “Measures for the Financial Management of Religious Activity Venues” updated last June to fabricate charges against house churches.

The Chinese government also implemented strict regulations against religious content on the internet, which ChinaAid contends was aimed at “removing Christianity from cyberspace.” The group stresses that Christians have faced “unprecedented” online censorship since the implementation of the “Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information and Services” in 2022.


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