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Young Christian Woman and Pregnant Convert Seriously Injured in Eastern Uganda


A young woman who told a Muslim about Christ, and a pregnant, formerly Muslim woman that was beaten for her new found faith, suffered serious injuries in eastern Uganda, Morning Star News reported.


According to Morning Star News, a persecution watchdog, radical Muslims assaulted Lydia Nabirye, the 23-year-old daughter of a Church of God evangelist, on the 7th of April at about 1 p.m. near Luwooko village, Buwunga Sub-County, Bugiri District.

Early in the afternoon of the 7th, Nabirye’s father, Paul Kaikiya, sent her to Bukolwa village to visit another former Muslim who was mourning the loss of a son who had died when Muslims saw her entering their property.

On her way back when Nabirye was about six miles from the bereaved mother’s home and close to the home of the woman she had recently led to faith, she was attacked by a group of radical Muslims, three of whom she could identify.

In Pallisa District in the town of the same name, also in eastern Uganda, a six-months pregnant woman in Odwarata village is recovering from injuries after her family beat her for becoming a Christian, sources said.

Sylvia Shamimu Nabafa, aged 27, had attended church services secretly for five weeks after placing her faith in Christ in January of 2020. As she was leaving church on the sixth week, a Muslim neighbour saw her and reported it to her father, Haji Juma Suleiman who beat her severely. Nabafa is still immobile because of her injuries and has taken refuge with one of the church elders.

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