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Commissioners appointed to investigate Khartoum church attack

Minister of Religious Affairs assigned commissioners to investigate the church attack

Mozambique: increasing jihadism endangers the Southeast African country

Both of the Muslim and Christian communities are victims of extremism as Islamic militants are gaining foothold.

Four people killed by militants including pastor of ECWA church in Nigeria

Suspected Fulani militants attacked a village in Plateau State, Nigeria.

Boko Haram raided a village in Eastern Nigeria, leaving many casualties

This time the military responded relatively quickly, however, the attackers killed many people.

Ancha villagers threatened by Fulani herdsmen, Nigerian gov't does nothing

The latest attack took place on April 1 in the village, inhabited predominantly by Christians.

Churches recovering from Easter bombings in Sri Lanka

Mass attendance is increasing in those churches most affected by Easter attack last April.

Priest attacked with machetes in the DRC

Guy-Robert Mandro, parish priest of Fataki was badly injured along his way to Kondoni by an armed militia.

NZ Catholic Bishops releases statement one year after Christchurch shootings

Bishops of New Zealand call for peace and are promoting the strengthening of interfaith religions.