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Ancha villagers threatened by Fulani herdsmen, Nigerian gov’t does nothing

Ancha Village in Plateau State of Nigeria, is a tiny village about 2 hours outside of the state capital and yet has been a target for the past few years of a dozen of attacks, often attributed to Fulani herdsmen, International Christian Concern reported.


These attacks have killed dozens of the residents, destroyed many homes and properties, and left the villagers in fear, ICC wrote on Thursday. The latest attack took place on April 1, and lasted for about 4 hours and left three people killed and another two injured. Three locals were killed by gunfire, and another 2 people were injured in the Christian village.

The villagers had noticed suspicious movement in and around their village over the past few days. They then told the government and asked for some protection. Despite these pleas for help and the knowledge that this area has been attacked many times before, the government did nothing. 

According to ICC, Ancha has suffered major attacks in the past as well. On September 8, 2017, Fulani militants attacked the village and killed 20 people, including 7 children. 19 of these people were a part of the Salama Baptist Church there in the village


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Photo: Illustration, courtesy of Pixabay.


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