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Churches in Brazil provide help during floods

In the past two weeks, Brazil has been hit by devastating floods that caused over 100 casualties and forced hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate their homes. During this crisis, churches have played a critical role in providing aid and comfort to those affected. They have raised funds, set up shelters, and offered support to the flood victims.

Severe floods struck the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, two weeks ago, forcing more than 408,100 people to flee from their homes. Since then, at least 116 people have died, and more than 140 are still missing. The floods also cut off electricity and water in more than 400 cities and disconnected them off from essential supplies.

The Church offers help in tragic circumstances. Churches, volunteers, and religious communities are united in helping those in need.

“There’s an overall feeling of solidarity, and volunteers are helping in every way those in need,”

said Cleonir Paulo Dalbosco, OFM, the Bishop of Bagé. The bishop also said that churches are operating  as distribution centers and

Parishes and dioceses from other parts of Brazil have been promoting campaigns and sending funds to our state as well.”

The Parish of São Pelegrino in Caxias do Sul told Crux that it is offering shelter to  25 elderly citizens who had to leave their nursing homes. Parishioners also helped rescue people and brought food and supplies to people whose homes were cut off by the floods.

Source: Vatican News

Photo: Wikimedia

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