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Sri Lankan Muslims remember the victims of the Easter Sunday attacks

Asia News - Several Muslim community and youth groups, as well as school children, recently commemorated the victims of last year's Easter Sunday attacks.


Speaking to Asia News, Movulavi Mohomad Salman, head of the Grand Mosque in Negombo said that “Muslims have been offended, accused of the ruthless attack on Easter Sunday. But it’s not true. We have had good relations with Buddhist and Christian communities for many years.”

“In particular, in Negombo, we know nuns, religious, Buddhist monks and laypeople. But this [relationship]was upset by the absolutely wicked behaviour of a group of extremists,” he added.

The 2019 church bombings in Sri Lanka claimed 269 victims; the eight perpetrators have also died. 

As a token of solidarity, local Muslims organised a charity to show their respect and sympathy for those who are affected by the attack. 

“We want to make people understand that the Muslim community is not like that and it does not stand with the attackers. We also want to show our love, respect and generosity for our Buddhist and Christian brothers and sisters,” the head of the Grand Mosque concluded.

Churches recovering from Easter bombings in Sri Lanka

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