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Pastor arrested for controversial remarks in Sri Lanka

An umbrella body of evangelical churches in Sri Lanka has voiced concern over the arrest of pastor Fernando

Christians push for change against government crackdown in Sri Lanka

Christians have taken it upon themselves to make a positive impact where the government has failed.

A mob of several hundred people broke into church in Sri Lanka

The police are to continue their investigation.

Christians protest repression of civil society in Sri Lanka

The president of Sri Lanka ordered armed forces across the country to be on alert and quell the protests.

Islamist mob tortures Sri Lankan man to death over alleged "blasphemy"

The law is also used by Islamist extremists to target religious minorities — Christians, Shi’as, Ahmadiyyas and Hindus.

Christian woman buried according to Hindu rites in Sri Lanka

In some cases, the bodies of Christians were exhumed from temple-controlled burial grounds and discarded.

Muslim political leader arrested for allegedly aiding 2019 Sri Lanka bombing

Bathiudeen’s lawyer, Rushdhie Habeeb, called the arrests politically motivated and said there was no reason given.

The Church in Sri Lanka is blessing the new Chapel of the martyrs

To commemorate the victims, the Church in Sri Lanka organised a march for justice and blessed the new Chapel of the martyrs.

Sri Lankan government puts religious minorities under pressure

A law of antiterrorism prohibits Christians to express their religious beliefs.

Christian pastor attacked by mob in Sri Lanka

On the 14th of January, a Christian pastor, his wife and their two travel companions were attacked by a mob of two hundred people.