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Christian pastor attacked by mob in Sri Lanka

On the 14th of January, a Christian pastor, his wife and their two travel companions were attacked by a mob of two hundred people.


“About two hundred people, led by a local monk, surrounded us. Every part of my body was hit, and I could not even differentiate in which part of my body I felt the pain”, told the pastor after the attack to a colleague of Open Doors.

The other three people with the pastor have also been beaten up. His wife was hit by an umbrella, and another man got serious injuries. However, he was not even Christian.

When the inhabitants of the village came to know what happened to the pastor and his friends, they celebrated.

“The local people set fires at twilight. They are never openly hostile to us, but secretly they are against the Church”, explained the pastor’s wife.

According to Christian leaders, the Bodu Bala Sena Buddhist group keeps Christian communities under pressure in the country, to eradicate Christianity.

Source: Portas Abertas


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