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A mob of several hundred people broke into church in Sri Lanka

Last Sunday, a mob of around 600 people broke into the Mercy Gate Chapel in Sri Lanka and demanded all religious activities cease and the church be closed. The mob threatened the pastor with death if the worship did not stop.


One of the believers was assaulted and ultimately hospitalized due to his injuries. The Officer in Charge of the local police station, as well as around 20 other officers that were present, told the mob that they had no legal basis to close down the church. With no legal order, the officer advised the mob to leave.

The mob included 60 Buddhist monks who refused to leave before they could inspect the church. The pastor had refused to let them inspect the church earlier, but after assurance from the Officer in Charge that no harm would come to him or the congregation, the pastor allowed it.

Upon finishing their inspection, the monks questioned the pastor about the religious activities going on in the church. After the monks had their answers, they returned to the mob outside and declared that the church was illegitimate. The mob dispersed shortly after.


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