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Christians protest repression of civil society in Sri Lanka

On the 21st of February, Christians gathered in the streets of Sri Lanka to protest the government’s repression of activists in the country. The protest came in response to the attack of a journalist and the unjustified arrest of a human rights activist over a week ago.


One of the targets of the recent discriminatory treatment was an activist who was critical of the government’s persecution of religious minorities on the island nation. A fellow activist described his character and arrest. 

“[He was] a civil activist who was instrumental in uncovering the masterminds of the Easter attack. [He] was arrested by a group of security personnel in a white van on the road.” 

The journalist was similarly critical of the government’s abuse of religious minorities and had his house attacked by alleged agents of the government. The attempt to silence the press stirred the Committee to Protect Journalists to compare the current state of civil society in Sri Lanka to the period during the decades-long civil war.


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