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Turkey redesigns an ancient Byzantine church to become a mosque

Hundreds of Muslims gathered for prayer on Friday when the new Kariye Mosque opened

Intimidating graffiti smeared on an Evangelical church in the UK

"This is a Muslim area" - reads the short message.

In Uganda, two Christians were beaten up for their faith.

The assailants smashed their motorcycle to pieces, tore up their Bibles, and other Christian literature.

A pastor was killed for his faith by a group of Muslims in Kenya

Pastor Bulwa’s body was found with a deep cut on the forehead.

Christian farm laborer beaten to death by landlord in Pakistan

The impoverished laborer was the only breadwinner for his wife and six children

Christian Evangelists attacked for preaching to Muslims in Uganda

The attack was the latest of many instances of persecution of Christians in Uganda

Evangelists suffer knife wounds following debates in Uganda

After the last day of the debate, well-known Muslims were among those who put their faith in Christ.

The number of students wearing Islamic clothes is on the rise across France

The Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, points to the problem of wearing Muslim abai by girls and qamis by boys.

Somali pastor attacked for leaving Islam in Kenya

In May, Muslim women beat his wife as she was returning from a market.

Germany's migration office ignores persecution of Christian converts

Political correctness is a plague which impacts Germany to a great extent.