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Christian farm laborer beaten to death by landlord in Pakistan

A Muslim landowner in Pakistan on Monday beat a Catholic farm laborer to death, claiming he had stolen oranges from his orchard, the victim’s family said.


The killing follows the shooting death last month of another Christian in the country after he stopped Muslims from stealing from his guava crop.

In Punjab province’s Khanewal district, landlord Rana Muhammad Waseem and five others beat Emmanuel Masih, 48, to death early Monday morning as Masih irrigated his employer’s fields in chak No. 139/10R village, according to the victim’s nephew, Zahid Sahotra.

“My uncle was busy in work when Waseem and the other men approached him and accused him of stealing their citrus,” Sahotra told Morning Star News. “He pled his innocence, but the men lunged at him and beat him up mercilessly, resulting in his death.”


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