News from Europe

Ukraine lost one third of its population since 1993

Our Eastern neighbour is facing a serious demographic problem.

Muslims pray in front of Santa Maria Maggiore church in Rome

The group prayed in front of St. Mary Major is one of the four main basilics in Rome, which belongs to the Vatican.

Spanish government wants to legalize euthanasia

The Spanish socialist government passed a bill on the legalization of euthanasia to the Parliament.

Greece to set up "floating wall" against migrants

The Greek plan is to block the key crossing points on sea.

President of the EP: "Auschwitz was built by Europeans"

David Sassoli made the questionable decision to share German responsibility with the rest of the continent.

Germany's selective fight against anti-Semitism

Why jihadi anti-Semitism does not appear in the German government's package of initiatives to combat anti-Semitism?

French far left wants to change a town's name to make it sound more secular

It is yet another attempt to rip France off from its Christian identity.

British Muslim MP shows support for persecuted Christians

Rehman Chishti will participate to the London Marathon organized by the Catholic NGO Aid to the Church in Need.

Pope Francis prays at St. Paul’s tomb with Orthodox and Anglican Christians

“God’s priority is the salvation of all,” Pope Francis said to conclude the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Over one thousand anti-Christian acts reported in France last year

The Interior Ministry issued a statement compiling anti-Christian acts committed in France in 2019.