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Ukraine lost one third of its population since 1993

Ukraine lost almost one third of its population in less than thirty yeras. According a recent elecrtonic census, only 37.3 million people lived in this country at the end of 2019.

After Ukraine gained independence in 1991, the highest population was recorded in 1993, when 52.18 million people lived on the Dnieper. Since then, the population of Ukraine is rapidly decreasing. In December 2019, Ukraine was inhabited by 37.29 million people, which would mean that there are actually less people living there than in Poland. In the opinion of the publisher of the results of the electronic census of Minister Dmitry Dubliet, this is mainly due to economic emigration and a higher number of deaths than the number of births.

In 1993, Ukraine had its highest population (52.18 million people). This means the country lost almost 15 million inhabitants (14.89 million).

In addition, the reason for the sharp decline in the population is the lack of electronic listing of people living in the areas occupied by Russia – in the Crimea and in the separatist republics of Donbass. According to the calculations of Minister Dublieta, the population of Ukraine has decreased by 11 million over the past 18 years.


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