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Two Ukrainian priests released by Russia after 19 months of detention

Pope Francis publicly expressed his thanksgiving after the priests' release.

Attack on Orthodox churches reported in Dagestan

Authorities have preliminarily classified the incident as a terrorist attack.

Twenty people died in a terrorist attack in Dagestan

Among the victims of the attacks were many police officers and an Orthodox priest.

Ukrainian Christians face harsh persecution from Russian forces

Religious liberty advocates report the destruction of hundreds of churches, underscoring the severity of the situation.

Ukrainian Christians are the target of Russian forces

Hundreds of churches have been destroyed, according to religious liberty advocates.

A South-Korean pastor was arrested in Russia for missionary work

Although Baek's wife was initially detained, she has since been released and returned to South Korea.

ISIS boasts about having killed Christians in Moscow

This incident has been described as the worst terrorist attack in Russia in 20 years.

Church leaders 'shocked and saddened' by Moscow attack

The Islamic State terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack at Crocus City Hall on Friday.

Russian authorities ban Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Zaporizhzhia

Russian forces in Zaporizhzhia already expelled UGCC clergy in the occupied territories and held two abducted priests.

Russian hieromonk was sentenced to jail for opposing the war in Ukraine

Religious leaders are expected to support the war effort by the authorities.