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Ukrainian Christians are the target of Russian forces


Ukrainian Christian leaders have joined forces to urge U.S. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson to take heed of the suffering endured by believers in Ukraine amidst persecution by Russian forces.


The plea, co-signed by figures such as Valerii Antoniu and Yaroslav Pyzh, highlights the dire situation faced by Baptists and evangelical Christians. Describing Russia’s invasion as a tragic chapter marked by targeting believers, the letter emphasizes the destruction of churches and the persecution of pastors deemed unsupportive of Russian interests.

Despite attempts to portray Ukraine as intolerant, the reality, as outlined, reveals the aggressions inflicted upon peaceful Christians. The letter implores Johnson to factor in the plight of Christians as he considers ways to aid Ukraine.

Recent incidents, such as the harrowing experience of a Baptist pastor named “Azat,” who suffered severe physical harm at the hands of Russian soldiers while delivering aid, underscore the urgency of addressing this issue.





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