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The Way of the Cross to be livestreamed from a Ukranian bomb shelter

Ukrainian Catholics will livestream prayers of the Stations of the Cross on Friday from a bomb shelter in Kyiv on the anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of their country.

In the description of the event it is written:

“February 24 is the anniversary of the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine. The National Office team of Caritas-Spes Ukraine would like to invite you to join the prayer of the Way of the Cross. We want to call this Way of the Cross “The 366th station” to symbolize the year of dramatic experience of the Ukrainian people.

This year, we symbolically compare to the path of suffering and torment walked by Jesus before being crucified. Each “station” is written by employees of the National Office of Caritas-Spes Ukraine. In their words, they express the pain they and the Ukrainian people have experienced. Each station tells a personal story and the stories of the people they lovingly serve. Why do we want to share this prayer with our partners? Every day, every Ukrainian and every Caritas-Spes employee performs a crucial service to save people, and we are not alone in this. We strongly feel your support every day. You have been walking with us on this Way of the Cross for 365 days, and we know that you will not leave us alone in the future.

The anniversary day, February 24, is also the First Friday of Lent. On this sad date, we want to unite with you in prayer. This moment of prayer will be our unity in sorrow and solidarity. Maria Nyman (Secretary General of Caritas Europe) will lead the closing prayer. All other prayers will be read by the Caritas-Spes Ukraine team.”

You can follow the live stream here on the 24th of February at 7 pm CET. 

Photo: Pixabay

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