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Several statues and plaques were vandalised in a Belgian cemetery

Additionally, according to a resident, several crosses were reportedly taken from the graves.

Islamic graffiti smeared on dozens of graves in a French cemetery

The local Mayor expressed his concern following the incident.

At least 30 gravestones were vandalised in a cemetary near London

Rev Canon Dr Andrew Bishop said the state that the Croydon Minster had been left in, had been a 'real shock'.

A church and a cemetary have been vandalized in Belgium

"It's a disgrace", commented Carine de Saint-Martin, the mayor.

An ancient Christian cemetery has been desecrated in Turkey

Local Christians discovered the scene on the 29th of June. The location holds tombs that date back to the first millennium.

A cemetery has been vandalised in Belgium

The same cemetery has already been targeted by vandals in September 2020

Children desacrated nearly 70 graves in a French cemetary

The young vandals smashed souvenirs placed on the graves with stones.

27 acts of Christianophobia reported in France in September 2021 alone

Despite the evidence, French authorities continue to turn a blind eye on this worrying phenomenon

Several graves desecrated in Irish cemetery

Outrage has been expressed after three headstones were desecrated with garish, red graffiti.