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At least 30 gravestones were vandalised in a cemetary near London

Over three nights on April 12, 13, and 14, in Croydon, thirty gravestones have been destroyed with a sledgehammer - some graves were dating back 500 years, at a Grade I listed church. «The church is appealing for witnesses along with police who are trying to find out who took a sledgehammer to the graves. »


Rev Canon Dr Andrew Bishop said the state that the Croydon Minster had been left in, had been a ‘real shock’.

The clergyman posted videos of the damage online, saying: “Devastating damage inflicted upon the upright headstones on the north east side of the church yesterday afternoon.”

“Luckily no member of staff was around to witness this or get hurt! Sadly out of view of our CCTV cameras as well. And if the north side wasn’t bad enough, the south side is worse!”


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