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There will be an exceptional celebration in the Notre Dame on Holy Thursday

In the framework of the meditation, the archbishop will wash the feet of some people.

French pro-lifers organised remarkable advertising campaign in Paris

The posters will be hung in the Paris metro and suburban stations until the 24th of March.

March for Life gathered around five thousand people in Paris

Over ten thousand people participated in the event online.

A church has been vandalised near Paris

It was a municipal agent who made the sad discovery in early December.

French authorities want punishments for Catholics praying in front of churches

The Ministry of the Interior announced that believers who meet in front of churches will be fined.

The statue of an Armenian priest was profaned in Paris, France

It was the statue of a survivor of the Turkish genocide. The assailant denies that genocide ever occurred.

Four stations of the cross were stolen from a church in Paris

Seemingly, the perpetrators did not intend to desecrate the church.

Racist slogans targeting Whites and Jews shouted during BLM protests in Paris

Some of the boutiques that remained open were pillaged and looted by aggressive demonstrators.

Responsible of Rwandese genocide arrested after twenty-five years

Hutu militants murdered between eight hundred thousand to a million Tutsis, almost one-tenth of the population.

French medievalist wants to turn Notre-Dame Cathedral into a museum

Michel Pastoureau argues that the Cathedral is haunted by so many tourists that it can't function as a church anymore.