There will be an exceptional celebration in the Notre Dame of Paris on Holy Thursday

This year, on Holy Thursday, Fr. Michel Aupetit, the Archbishop of Paris, will preside at an Easter meditation in the Notre Dame Church of Paris. During the meditation, he will wash some people's feet; the event will be broadcast live on the KTO and CNews channels.

This year, the Notre Dame of Paris will host an important event of the Holy Week. On Holy Thursday, the 1st of April, at midday, the archbishop of Paris, Fr. Michel Aupetit will wash the feet of six people present in the church. The event will broadcast live on the KTO and CNews channels and will be commented on by Franck Ferrand, Aymeric Pourbaix et Sonia Mabrouck.

During the event, two orators of the “Comédie Francaise” will read texts aloud, accompanied by the violinist Marina Chiche, the singer Léa Desandre, and Alexandre Tharaud, pianist.

Source, photo: Aleteia.fr

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