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Responsible of Rwandese genocide arrested after twenty-five years

Hutu militants murdered between eight hundred thousand to a million Tutsis, almost one-tenth of the population.

French medievalist wants to turn Notre-Dame Cathedral into a museum

Michel Pastoureau argues that the Cathedral is haunted by so many tourists that it can't function as a church anymore.

Armed policemen enter a church in Paris to interrupt a Mass

The way Catholic priests are currently treated in France brings back memories of the French Revolution

France: the Archbishop of Paris will pray in the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Archbishop is to be accompanied by only a few people, in accordance with strict security regulations.

Tristan Azbej had talks about new humanitarian cooperation programmes in Paris.

As part of the talks, the parties also spoke about the possibility of a joint educational programme in the Middle East.

Parts of Notre-Dame plaza, crypt expected to reopen this spring

If all goes well, the plaza and crypt could be opened as early as the end of March.

Paris mayor’s effort to pull pro-family posters backfires

The posters targeted France’s new bioethics law that would allow medically assisted procreation for lesbian couples.

No Christmas Mass at Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral for first time in 200 years

The faithful did not give up hope. Restoration works are underway.

Swimming Pool at the roof of Notre-Dame

A "New Meditative Public Space" that spans the whole roof of the cathedral which was destroyed a month ago

Situation critical in Paris - Next hours will be crucial to save Notre Dame

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said he is "horrified" to see the images coming out of Paris.