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France: the Archbishop of Paris will pray in the Notre Dame Cathedral

On Good Friday, the Archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit will be praying behind the closed door of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.


During the service, there will be a veneration of the relics of the Crown of Thorns that are stored in the cathedral treasury.  The relics were saved from last year’s fire and are now at the Louvre. On Good Friday, they will be moved to the cathedral, where a prayer service will be held with the Auxiliary Bishop of Paris Denis Jachiet and the rector of the church, Monsignor Patrick Chauvet.

The service will be celebrated in the chapel deep inside the church apse, at the foot of Pieta and the crucifix, which survived the fire and became an eloquent symbol of how the church was saved last year. “We will gather around the Crown of Thorns and conduct a short meditation” announced the Archbishop of Paris.

“We do not know the causes of both the pandemic and the Notre Dame fire. But, like Mary, at the foot of the cross, we can place our hope in a God who brings greater good out of evil. It was not God who created the disease; he did not cause the fire, nor did he put his Son on the cross. But it was God who raised him from the dead!” emphasised the clergyman.


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