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March for Life gathered around five thousand people in Paris

According to the organisers, approximately five thousand people gathered on Sunday at the Trocadero square in Paris during the "March of Life" in defence of the family and against the killing of unborn children. The numbers are not impressive, but you have to remember that the demonstration took place during strict restrictions.


“Abortion is violence against women,” said Aliette Espieux, spokesman for the association “La Marche pour la vie”, the organiser of the demonstration. Wearing a T-shirt with the inscription “my body, my choice”, she explained that women are often forced to have an abortion because of their situation in life or under pressure from others.


In Trocadero square, demonstrators were surrounded by a large cordon of police forces. The slogan on their platform was: “abortion – stop the culture of death.”

There were also protests against the government’s new ideas, which amid the pandemic, introduces “bioethical” laws, i.e. in vitro for lesbian couples giving the possibility of fatherless children, and extending the abortion law up to the fourteenth weeks of pregnancy. The latter bill is to be examined in the Senate this week.



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