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Jihadists continue their offensive on Mozambique

Last year, over one hundred thousand Christians were forced to flee the northern region of Cabo Delgado.

Jihadist group in Mozambique wants "government from Allah"

Islamist insurgency has engulfed Mozambique since 2017.

Bishop receives death threats for speaking in defense of the voiceless

Luiz Fernando Lisboa, Bishop of Pemba in North Mozambique is trying to shed light on recent attacks.

Mozambique: increasing jihadism endangers the Southeast African country

Both of the Muslim and Christian communities are victims of extremism as Islamic militants are gaining foothold.

Indiscriminate attacks on villages: religious conflict fomented in Mozambique

"According to international media, the attacks are carried out by Islamists linked to ISIS".

Islamic State claims responsibility for Mozambique attacks

ISIS managed to seize two towns in the Eastern African country.

Pope Francis donates 150 thousand euro to the victims of the Idai cyclone

Latest reports put the death toll at 300, thousands more were injured and many others had to leave their homes due to the flooding

Seven people died and many more were injured during recent attacks in Mozambiqe

Three attacks in seventy-two hours leave seven dead in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique