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President of Mozambique is worried about jihadist attacks on Catholics

Since January, in the province of Cabo Delgado, jihadist militias have been regularly attacking Catholic communities.

Two nuns still missing after Jihadist attack in Mozambique

Two nuns of the order of Saint Joseph of Chambéry who disappeared in a violent Jihadist attack in Mozambique are still missing.

Pope Francis calls Mozambique bishop after Islamist militants seize port city

The Islamic State declared that it had taken two military bases near Cabo Delgado’s port city.

Mozambique: World turns its back as crisis worsens

As the crisis caused by the jihadist incursion worsens, the international community is failing those caught up in the chaos

Churches burned, people beheaded in Mozambique’s escalating extremist violence

“The world has no idea yet what is happening because of indifference.”

Islamist terrorists now want a whole province in Mozambique

Jihadists wreaking havoc in the north of Mozambique are determined to seize the whole of Cabo Delgado province according to locals

Jihadists continue to attack Catholic communities in Mozambique

Local bishops called on the international community to take action to stop attacks by jihadist militants.

Monastery attacked by armed Islamists; monks left homeless in Mozambique

The hospital in a nearby village under construction was destroyed.

Mozambique continues to be a growth area for ISIS

Islamic State Central African Province conducted several attacks, including taking control of two towns in the Cabo Delgado region

The world is silent about Islamic terrorist attacks on churches in Mozambique

Bishop Lozano is convinced that there is some local group behind the attacks that are supported by foreign mercenaries.