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IS leader killed in Sahel

Islamic extremism remains a deadly plague for Christians around the world.

Priests working in the frontline in Mozambique

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) recently spoke with Father Kwiriwi Fonseca, a Priest working on the frontlines of the crisis.

ISIS reorganising itself in the middle-African Christian countries

After the jihadists suffered losses in Iraq and Syria, it reorganised itself in Central-Africa – wrote Newsmax.

The number of jihadist groups is on the rise in Africa

Missionaries and humanitarian organisations are asking for an immediate response from the international community

Jihadists launched another bloody offensive in Mozambique

The local Church appeals to the international community to finally acknowledge the ongoing humanitarian disaster.

Islamists beheaded children in Mozambique

The youngest victim was only eleven years old.

Brazilian bishop relocated from Mozambique after receiving death threats

Bishop Luiz Fernando Lisboa was transferred to his native country, Brazil, from the Mozambique Diocese of Pemba

World Watch List 2021: four countries left and four countries entered the top 50

This year four countries left, and four new countries entered this list of the top fifty countries.