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ISIS reorganising itself in the middle-African Christian countries

ISIS is reorganising itself in the middle-African Christian countries after the jihadists suffered great losses in Iraq and Syria – wrote Newsmax, a conservative American portal.

The portal mentioned many other sources as well: The Wall Street Journal local reporter, the analysis of the anti-terror experts of King’s College in London, or the project on the region of the American think-tank American Enterprise.

Newsmax mentioned the data of the Africa Center for Strategic Studies. The Center reported, that last year there was a 43% growth in aggressive attacks committed by Islamists in Africa compared to 2019 indicating ISIS wants to show power with these attacks.

The US ministry of foreign affairs qualified ISIS Congo and Mozambique branch as a terror organisation in March, highlighting, that they are a security threat in the region.

In Mozambique in March, hundreds of jihadists swarmed, and still hold the harbour city of Palma under its control, and murdered dozens of civilians.

The Newsmax quoted Charlie Winter, anti-terror expert of the King’s College in London, who stated: “a secret line is in operation between the Mozambique organisation and ISIS”. He added: “both parties are profiting the (terror attacks) propaganda and amplification of it.

ISIS mainly focused its actions on the Muslim majority countries, nowadays however it is growing its connection with those Jihadist groups, which operate in countries where Muslims label themselves as “legally discriminated”.

According to the WSJ, ISIS took part in the financing and training of these groups, but it has no power over its daily activities.  

According to the American Enterprise Institute last report in autumn on the middle- African countries, there are terror groups with connections to Al-Qaida or ISIS in: Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Mozambique, Somalia. The terrorist organisations are also present in Congo, Kenya, Chad, Libya and Algeria as well.

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