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Priests working in the frontline in Mozambique

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) recently spoke with Father Kwiriwi Fonseca, a Priest working on the frontlines of the insecurity crisis in northern Mozambique.


In March of this year, terrorists killed dozens during an attack on the city of Palma in Cabo Delgado province, an area where believers are often kidnapped, forced to flee or killed at the hands of Islamic extremists. Since 2017, the UNHCR estimates that 700,000 people have been displaced and 2,500 killed by ISIS-linked militants.

In order to help those living in Pemba, the base for security forces battling insurgents, Father Fonseca says that the Priests have far surpassed their typical clerical duties: “On a daily basis, we strive not only to be priests, but also activists, psychologists, spiritual directors, first aiders, suppliers (and distributors) of foodstuffs, Caritas volunteers and diocesan volunteers… These are all the different activities we have to be ready to take on,” he stated, adding,

“The government, the NGOs and the Church are going to have to start talking intensively and constantly about peace and security because there really is a great deal of fear.”


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