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Two nuns still missing after Jihadist attack in Mozambique

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Two nuns of the order of Saint Joseph of Chambéry who disappeared during a violent Jihadist attack at Mocímboa da Praia early this month are still missing.

Father Kwiriwi Fonseca, from the Diocese of Pemba, declared that the police still have not shared any information about what happened to the two nuns, and another sixty people, who were staying in the house of the Saint Joseph of Chambéry community during the attack.

Since the city is occupied by the Jihadist extremists, nobody can enter or leave the region. About the situation of the nuns, Father Kwiriwi Fonseca told ACN Portugal;

“When the city was occupied, we could not enter in contact with the sisters, we presume that they have lost their phones… We are trying to stay positive… We believe that they have not died, just have lost their communication instruments. We reconcile ourselves with these thoughts, as we do not know the official news. We do not have any official news about them.” 

The nuns are called Inês Ramos and Eliane da Costa, and they are Brazilians. Inês is an elderly woman of 70 years; Eliane is a young adult. The people who were staying with them in the community house are mainly elderly people, but there are also some children.

Source: ACN Portugal

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