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Mozambique: The violence is growing in Cabo Delgado

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A conflict has been growing over the past years in Cabo Delgado, in Northern Mozambique, that has driven hundreds of thousands of people into displacement and caused a near civil war in the area. The Islamic State is now supporting the Al-Shabab military group, so the violence is constantly growing in the area.

On the 31st of October, one of these two groups attacked multiple villages, killing many people and destroying numerous homes. According to several reports, at least fifty people were beheaded in the villages of Nchinga, Namacunde, 24 de Março, Muatide and Muambula. Many of those killed were younger people who reportedly refused to join the rebellion. Also, various other people were kidnapped during the attacks that took place.

Though it is unclear which group conducted these attacks, it is very likely that as the violence continues, Christians will be increasingly targeted. ISCAP (the Islamic State Central African Province) will probably try and rid the area of all non-Muslims, especially Christians.


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