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After the attacks in France, African terror groups incite Muslims to terrorism

AQIM: “Killing the one who insults the prophet is the right of every Muslim capable of doing it.”

Mozambique: The violence is growing in Cabo Delgado

The Al-Shabab military group has recently been supported by the Islamic State, so the violence is constantly growing in the area.

Hundreds of thousands of people displaced due to conflict in Mozambique

So far attacks on Christians has been relatively small, but that will change quickly if the conflict continues.

Al Shabab conducted another attack in Somalia

Somali Christians keep their faith completely secret as al-Shabab desires to eradicate Christians from Somalia.

Al Shabab is trying to expand and concentrate on mainly US targets, experts say

Al Qaeda's African branch is "gearing up" to conduct more severe attacks on specific targets, Christians among them.