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Monastery attacked by armed Islamists; monks left homeless in Mozambique

Islamist insurgents attacked a monastery in Northern Mozambique this week where four monks lived, International Christian Concern reported.


Islamist insurgency has engulfed Mozambique since 2017. With growing poverty and economic decline, extremists have slipped into the country, posing a threat, especially to the northern region.

In the latest attack, the monastery where four monks were living and a nearby hospital have been destroyed. 

According to ICC, no one was killed during this attack, but it has left the monks homeless and the locals without the hope of the hospital that was being built.

Mozambique has been suffering since its independence and the subsequent civil war which ended in 1992. As an outcome of increasing jihadist movement in the northern part of the country, numerous attacks occurred in the past few weeks.

Mozambique continues to be a growth area for ISIS

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Photo is courtesy of Pixabay (illustration).

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