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Gender transformative education, a war declared on biological sex

The UN wants the implementation of gender transformative education for children as young as 2.

J.K. Rowling targeted by the gender activists yet again

The British author is under attack for refusing to comply with the gender narrative.

Kellogg's introduces LGBT cereal encouraging people to chose their pronouns

Kellogg’s new cereal received backlash from conservative Christian groups.

Harry Potter event canceled over JK Rowling's comments on gender

This action comes as this year’s book festival is slated to focus on the phenomenon of “cancel culture.” 

A Norwegian documentary scientifically disproves gender ideology

Gender theoreticians admit that they do not care about the scientific researches that disprove their ideology.

The British government finances sex game for students over 13 years of age

The game, named “kit Sexuality aGender v2”, was supported with £99.960 by the British Government.

Spanish government pushes for compulsory gender and LGBT classes for children

"Hands off our families," tweeted the leader of the opposition People's Party Pablo Casado.

German portal encourages teenagers to take "hormone blockers"

German "experts" encourgage young people to decide about their gender themselves.

The European Parliament endorses abortion and gender ideology

The European Parliament has reissued an ideological document promoting abortion and gender ideology.

There are more than 100 gender identities - tells the BBC to kids

"I am a two-spirit penguin" - answers Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain