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A Norwegian documentary scientifically disproves gender ideology

In 2010, Harold Eia, a Norwegian sociologist and writer, presented a documentary on YouTube, entitled "Hjernevask" (Brainwash). In the documentary, he questioned the scientific foundations of gender ideology and proved that this ideology has no basis in reality.


In the documentary, Harald Eia contrasts theoreticians’ statements of gender ideology with other neuroscientific and evolutionary psychology studies. While gender ideologists state that there is no biological difference between the comportment of men and women, and the differences exist just because of the social structure, other scientists have proven with empirical tests, that there is a biological difference between the preferences of men and women.

The studies pointed out that culture can influence a person’s comportment, but they proved that our genes also determine some conduct. Gender theoreticians refuse to accept the results of these studies, however, their gender ideology exists just theoretically, and it is not proven empirically.

Catherine Egeland, a “gender philosopher”, admits in the documentary that she is “not interested at all” in this kind of science, and according to her “it is frightening that some people are interested in researching these differences”.

You can watch the seven-episode documentary of Brainwash with English subtitles here. The first video is Gender Equality Paradox.


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