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J.K. Rowling targeted by the gender activists yet again

JK Rowling

The attack on the feminist J.K. Rowling led author Harry Potter to report to the police. Will the services keep her safe, and what new ruse have gender activists devised to attack a feminist who has not bowed down to gender ideology?


After the decimated crowd of far-left supporters organised demonstrations and began sharing photos of J.K.’s mansion on the web. Rowling decided to report the matter to the police. However, the services found that publishing sensitive data related to the place of residence of a public person did not constitute an infringement of his goods and the proceedings were discontinued.

The Lobby decided to use another way to nail the incorrect feminist and announced work on an independent miniseries, which will feature characters known from Harry Potter, but in “transsexual and non-binary” versions. As with the police inertia in the face of a direct attack on Rowling’s privacy, the authors of the idea hope that they will get away with stealing intellectual property.

Criticising J.K. Rowling, the left-wing media even write about her “conservative stance” because she criticised in her essay “gender-neutral” terms such as “menstruating” and expressed a general distance to gender ideology.


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